About GYM 24

Brand Concept

Open 24 hours

All branches operate 24 hours a day, and you can visit according to your own schedule.

Convenient location

We’re a private studio at YUEN LONG  with superb decor & premium equipment. With lockers, clothes, changing rooms and showers, you can enjoy doing exercise here hassles free! Our wide range of fitness equipment is ready for your goals. No worries of lining up for the usage, as we don’t accept walk-in and we provide only personal training and group classes. That’s why our coaches are able to plan and organize your programme in advance for the best and most effective results.

Our Story

GYM24 was founded in 2020. The founder considered the needs of different customers. Faced with various pressures in work and life, if you want to relieve stress, doing exercise is a good choice. In order to match the healthy life and work style of Hong Kong people, We establish a 24-hour fitness center. We want to make the public realize that fitness should be a life-long commitment, and goals and expectations are constantly changing. Only being healthy can let you enjoy more.

Our Mission

We take care of the needs of different customers 24 hours a day, serve everyone and promote the popularization of national fitness exercises, in order to further promote fitness exercises to every friend who loves health.

We have changed the image of the traditional fitness center in the minds of the public.

We have implemented automated self-service, waived sales, and zero prepaid monthly fees.

The clear real price, high transparency of fees, and preferential and reasonable prices allow you to experience comfort and comfort , The unconstrained fitness model establishes a good healthy image and reputation for the fitness industry.