Coaching team

Our professional team is full of experience and passion with effective coaching techniques. We never stop learning and improving by attending a variety of training courses and international competitions. We aim to obtain new knowledge, theories and trends to motivate our students and provide them the most effective, approachable and safe way to achieve their goals.

One-on-one training

Let our friendly, active and professional coaches help you improve your training and physical fitness. Increase muscle mass, burn fat, and become healthier.

1: 1 Personal Training

We’re all unique, with different personality, habits and body condition. The best training programme should be set that fits your uniqueness and brings out your best. Our professional coaches, equipment and guidance will help you stay on track, reach your goals and get to a healthier place.

1: 1 Stretch Therapy

Through our stretch therapy, you will be stretched passively to improve the muscle and flexibility, increase blood circulation, improve joint mobility and body’s posture for a better health. Our coaches are certified who can professionally stretch and provide advice for your needs.

1: 1 Kickboxing

Our award-winning and professional kick boxing coaches have a wide range of skills, experience and assets to hit your fitness or technique goals. Class includes kick boxing technique and fitness training. We provide dedicated areas and facilities for kick boxing, to make your training experience enjoyable.

We also offer 1 on 2 training, contact us for more details.